Bob Leslie Logo 'Why can't I be a fat cat with my whiskers in the cream?
Why can't I be a fat cat, living out my dreams?
Everybody listens to a fat cat, who's got a place in the sun.
I wanna be rollin' in mazoomah, a conspicuous consumer,
Far away from that old rat run - me now, me - ow!'
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Different World CD Cover

Release date 1st August 2010
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Cover Art (c) Madeleine Leslie, 2010

NEW!!! If you donate £15/$22.50 to Bob's Crowdfunder
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you'll get BOTH CDs PLUS the forthcoming album
a downloadable EP!

Payment Options (£)
Fat Cat CD cover

Release date 1st September 2011
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Cover Art (c) Madeleine Leslie, 2011

NEW!!! If you donate £15/$22.50 to Bob's Crowdfunder
(see below)
you'll get BOTH CDs PLUS the forthcoming album
a downloadable EP!

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Bob Leslie is a veteran Scottish singer-songwriter.
After a lengthy period defying the Pink Floyd by brainwashing young, impressionable minds,
he returned to full-time music-making in August 2011. He also seems to have become a folksinger of sorts.
Anyone preoccupied by the terrible risks he is taking, please feel morally obliged to purchase his CDs.
These are replete with merry tunes and cunning lyrical conceits.

Bob is currently (March 2015) working on a new, self-penned CD, Seanachai, which will be a totally acoustic album featuring well-known Scottish folk musicians. To finance this, he has set up a crowdfunding campaign. To find out more about this and the bonuses available to donors, please click below:

Bob started singing from the cradle - which annoyed the hell out of the neighbours and puzzled his parents. That last part is a wee exaggeration. Bob's father, Jack, was from Stromness, in Orkney, and had the typical islander's love of music, playing piano, accordion and fiddle as well as singing. His mother, Mary, was a professional singer in clubs and theatre and had "a voice like a female Paul Robson" according to her son. Bob has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years.

Like most creative musicians, he has continually re-invented himself. His current incarnation is that of a solo performer on the folk and community hall circuit. Initially tending to Americana/Roots Country styles, he is now writing more in accord with the traditional sounds of his musical childhood and singing in Scots for the first time since then! Since embarking on this solo voyage, Recent gigs Bob has played include

  • "Words and Music" Writers' Group at Samuel Dow's in Glasgow
  •  AcousticShire Singer-Songwriters' Night in cosmopolitan Carluke
  •  Avant Garde, Glasgow - a two-year residency
  •   Cathedral House Hotel, Glasgow - ongoing residency
  • "Dougie MacLean" Amber Festival at Cabaret Amber, Dunkeld
  •  Dunfermline Folk Club
  •  Dunfermline Folk Festival - by invitation, Open Stage
  •  Strathdhui Bar, Glasgow - ongoing residency
  •  Tchai Ovna Tea House in Glasgow - several repeat gigs
  •  The C'Mon Inn in Cumbernauld - several repeat gigs
  •  The Star Folk Club in Glasgow - several repeat support gigs
  •  The Masons Arms in Galston - several repeat gigs
  •  The Archerfield Festival - Archerfield Walled Garden, near Gullane, East Lothian
  •  Lomond Folk Festival - Balloch, by Loch Lomond
  • Glenfarg Village Folk Club
  • The Wee Folk Club at The Royal Oak, Edinburgh
  • Partick Folk Club - support gig
  • Pollokshaws Burgh Halls - organised, presented and performed at the highly-successful Folk for Freedom benefit concert with Dick Gaughan, Sheena Wellington, Wendy Weatherby, Mick West, Frank McLaughlin, Adam McCulloch, Stephen Maguire, The O'Cajunals, and Haggerdash.

He is still in demand at the Star Folk Club for support gigs and has been told a future songwriters' evening will feature him there. Residency at Avant Garde continues, and other semi-regular venues continue to express interest.

Early in his career, he excited interest in his voice and songwriting from Apple Records, Chrysalis Records, and Boscobel (the Kinks' managers). At one point he recalls, the wee man from Chrysalis asked him to write a follow-up to Total Eclipse of the Heart, He replied "You must be joking!" and thinks this may have locked the doors on teenage idolhood for him. Anyone still wishing for such a follow-up would now only have to wave money to receive an affirmative reply.

Top-class musicians Bob has worked with include . . .

  • Andy Hamilton (sax player for multi-million-selling Canadian songwriter Corey Hart)
  • Chris Glen and Ted McKenna (bass and drums, respectively, with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band)
  • Colin Bass (bass player of seminal prog-rockers Camel)
  • Dave Vasco (guitarist for Warner Brothers artists Clancy)
  • Fraser Speirs (harmonica maestro with Paolo Nutini and Scots blues legend Tam White)
  • Jim Keilt (virtuoso lead guitarist with John Otway and the London production of Tommy - the Musical)
  • Kathy O'Donoghue (vocalist with, amongst others, Roger Chapman and Hank Wangford)
  • Zeke Manyika (drummer for Scots chart-toppers Orange Juice)


Fat Cat (September 2011)
Bob Leslie - lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar; Alice Leslie - backing vocals; Fraser Speirs - harmonica; Jim Keilt - lead guitar,
Craig Nelson - alto sax; Michael Anthony - trumpet; Ted McKenna - hand percussion; Robin Rankin - keyboard and midi programming.

In A Different World (August 2010)
Bob Leslie - lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar; Alice Leslie and Bernadette Collier - backing vocals; Fraser Speirs - harmonica; Jim Keilt - lead guitar,
Alex Mack - banjo, mandolin, and lead guitar; Craig Nelson - alto sax; Carl Esprit Bridgeman - bass guitar; and Robin Rankin - keyboard and midi programming.